• Use a high SPF moisturiser (30 to 50) or foundation for getting soft and beautiful skin as well as proper UV protection. Try to replace liquid or cream foundations with tinted oilfree moisturiser to avoid caking up of the face due to sweating in summers.
• Eyeliner often smudges very easily in the heat and humidity. Use a powder eye-shadow rather than pencil or liquid liner for lining your eyes. If you are going in the pool or are at a beach, skip the liner.
• Eye-shadows crease and melt due to perspiration, heat and humidity. If you are planning to wear an eye shadow, make sure to apply a primer first to keep your shadow in place. Choose light eye-shadow colours that are close to your skin tone.
• Make sure to use a waterproof formula if you want to wear mascara. Use brown-black rather jet black and only apply one coat. Use mascara only on your top lashes for a natural look this summer.
•Store your cosmetics in a cool and dry place as hot and humid conditions are ideal bacterial breeding grounds. Clean your eye make-up brushes regularly with cleaning sprays or mild natural shampoo.
A few quick and easy exercises suggested  which will help in relieving the eye strain and keeping them healthy, are:
Sit comfortably and rub your hands together to make them warm. Keep the eyes closed and cover them lightly with your cupped palms. Don't apply any pressure on your eyeballs. Place your palms so that the eyes are covered properly. Make sure that there are no gaps between fingers so no light rays enter the eyes. Do deep breathing slowly. Relax like that for three-five minutes and then uncover the eyes. Repeat the palming for three minutes or more.
Convergence exercise
Hold a pencil in front of you at arm's length. Move your arm slowly to your nose, and follow the pencil with your eyes until you can't keep it in focus. Repeat 10 times. This will strengthen the eye muscles responsible for convergence.
Change of focus
Focus on a distant object for few seconds and slowly refocus your eyes on a nearby object at arm's length. Focus for 20 seconds and go back to the distant object. Do this five times. Taking short breaks while working on the computer to stare out to a distant object also reduces eyestrain.
Always consult your eye doctor before doing any of these exercises. Don't do the exercises with your contact lenses on. Do not apply pressure on your eyes.
It is more important to do the exercises regularly than to do those for a long time in one go. Do this for at least a few days and you should notice that, when you finish working, your eyes aren't as tired as usual and start your day with shining and relaxed eyes