Winters are back, and along with it, innumerable skin woes. Dry, itchy, winter skin and rough hair is a nightmare for ladies during winters. If unprotected, this season can create so many troubles on your skin like flakes, itchiness, and tautness therefore some extra care is required. If you neglect this fact, it can easily lead to habitual dehydration, with skin sensitivity and patches. So make a small detour into your kitchen, try out these simple traditional tips and watch the difference they make to your skin and hair this winter. As beauty products swell the markets, traditional beauty secrets may sound old fashioned. But often old-world beauty secrets are coming in new forms under various brands today which at times burn your pockets!
 For very dry skin
If your skin is very dry and dehydrated, Olive Oil is a great multi-tasker. It works wonders on hands and elbows and grooms dry cuticles. If you feel that your elbows and legs are parched, you may dab a thin layer of virgin olive oil over the area. Olive Oil contains antioxidants and is good in fatty acids.
Natural Exfoliation
is an excellent cleanser with a mild exfoliating power. It removes dry and dead skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable. It is a safe home remedy as it exfoliates using lactic acid and with any scrubbing granules. Homemade Cleanser and Toner Mix 1 tsp lemon with 3 tsps yogurt. Apply this on your face and massage with a circular motion for about 10 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water.