FRIZZY HAIR? Shampooing is not a solution

One of the most common problems for people with curly hair is the frizz. A lot of magazines and papers give solutions and a lot of online forum groups discuss this and a lot of shampoos and conditioners are out. People
who have really frizzy and curly hair will know that, in spite of getting all those products, and having followed those tips, the hair shows very little change.
The frizz problem can be controlled only if you understand your hair and give it the care it needs.
No matter how much care you take and no matter how patient you are, your hairstyle is almost all the time ruined. When you think you just set your hair right, you see a strand
slowly protruding. It's not just your hair. A lot of girls and women all over the globe face the problem.
The type of your hair depends on the follicles. There are three kinds of them – round, oval and the really flattened ones. Straight hair grows from round follicles, wavy hair from oval, and curly hair from the flat follicles. If you can get the structure of your hair from a biology book, you'll see that it has certain glands which secrete oil. Now it is this oil that keeps your hair healthy, smooth and maintained. The curly hair does not stick to the scalp – that's the design of your hair - and so, gets not much of this natural hair. So, naturally, the hair becomes dry. When your hair is dry, it is not healthy and tends to break off quickly. When the leftover pieces of broken hair remains, they obviously stick out in different direction making the hair frizzy.
Unfortunately, science has not advanced enough to change the shape of your follicles. So, you cannot do any permanent change to the kind of your hair. What you can do with a little patience is to make your hair less dry, so it is healthier. That way, it breaks less and reduces frizz. People think if their hair isn't curly any more, it wouldn't be frizzy and often straighten it. That just makes the hair drier and the newly growing hair would surely grow curly. Shampooing your hair is definitely not at all the answer. In fact, really curly and frizzy hair would be a lot better if the chemicals are kept away from them.
Shampoo is just a perfumed cleaning agent. It does not do anything else, no matter what the label says. While it's in the cleaning process, it removes all the natural oil from the hair which frizzy haired people just cannot afford to lose. A lot of people just dump in a lot of conditioner after shampooing – yes, conditioners certainly help, but why spend all the money on your shampoo to remove the oil and then spend on the conditioners again to nourish your hair?
By altering the caring method of our hair, it certainly can be made less frizzy. Here's how:
• Wash your hair but not with shampoo. Remember, the whole point of shampooing is just to "clean" you hair. Try the no-poo method. But if you must use a shampoo, go for the one that says anti-frizz or smoothening or things like that on the label. Even then it's better to apply it on the root and leave the rest of your hair alone.
• Do not blow-dry your hair. Run your hand through the wet hair and let it dry naturally. Apply a heavy leave-in conditioner.
• Do not wash your hair in hot water.
• If it's hard water running in your tap, install a water softener as hard water does make your hair very frizzy.
• Apply plenty of oil on the scalp and massage it for a few minutes. Then oil the entire portion of your hair. Be generous - give your hair a lot of oil. Get a thick cotton towel and dip it in hot water and wrap it over the oiled head. Repeat again once the towel dries.
Whenever possible, a yolk, olive oil, almond oil etc, and wash your hair. Leaving the oil in your hair overnight helps a lot.
• Use wide-toothed combs. Do not brush your hair.
• Drink a lot of water. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables.
• Reducing smoking and drinking lessen the drying up of the scalp. The healthier the body is, healthier your hair is.
• Do not colour, bleach, or straighten your hair as it involves a lot of heat and will surely damage your hair.
No-poo is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair. But do not use a lot of baking soda. That would dry your hair.
Unflavoured gelatin can be used instead of gels.
A lot of hair-care products can be replaced by natural ingredients which even if they do really show a huge difference surely would not damage your hair. Just taking a little pain in searching on the Internet would give you a lot of results from people following the natural method. Or probably taking some time to get your grandma's recipe would help too. It's your hair – understanding its need and having the patience to care for it is necessary. Trust me on this one, when you see your hair healthy and gorgeous in its own unique way, you are going to be so happy. It's definitely worth all the pain.